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Here are a the logged updates written for Penny's Pages.

Some of the updates may be outdated, but will be kept for the sake of a somewhat historical interest.

24th of July 2018 @ 01:11

Well, I did it, I hope that people like it!

Updates Made Before The Blagger's Guide Was Made Pubic

22nd of July 2018 @ 22:34

Not much has been done this month, however, I might might change the URL from my OwlMan website, to the Hyperlink one.

This upcoming quote is from the Hyperlink Discrod server from the 22/07/18;

[19:20] OwlMan: Just to ask, but if I were to say, upload a Neocities like-wikia to Hyperlink that I mat or may not have been working on for a number of months that covers not only the culture, history, and people behind Neocites, would anyone be interested in helping me run it?

[19:23] elementz: hmm

[19:55] Pizza Squeeze: we should make a separate discord server and neocities website for that @OwlMan

[20:32] elementz: @Pizza Squeeze @OwlMan yea we should make a discord for neowiki

[20:33] OwlMan: It's not called neowiki, it's called "The Blagger's Guide to The Culture of Neocities"

[20:33] OwlMan: (60 plus articles so far)

[20:34] Pizza Squeeze: then lets call it tbgtcn

[20:34] OwlMan: With articles on such things as the Neocities IRC, WebComics, DDoS attacks, music, and more

09th of July 2018 @ 02:22

I still need to work on that Banana Chan article, I'm sure it will be the death of me. Today I was working on an article on the new ownership of the OpenBooks website.

Today I was also looking at the 10kb website, as I recalled that one of the artists saw that their art was used on the site, and they called Froge something on the lines of a "cult leader", or something like that. I really want to find that page, and write about it. I'm sure if Froge was working on TBG, he would have written a 9000 plus word article on the subject, but only 20 words were on the dedicated subject at hand, and the rest of the words were about how he is a bisexual furry.

03rd of July 2018 @ 19:46

Oh boy, a new month.

Since I last made an update here, I have written a few new articles. today I want to write an article on Banana Chan, I'm sure that's going to be a pain in the arse to do, (not that I'm saying their work is bad, I'm saying that there is just so much to look at), so that might take some time to do.

I also want to cover comics by Benji Nate very soon.

Today I was working on an article about Kyle Drake, but the article is just so small, all I have on the page right now is just "Kyle Drake is an American software/Web developer who was one of the key people who helped make Neocities.", and a photo of Drake. I might need to ask my Discord server about things to write on him.

27th of June 2018 @ 23:41

I plan on writing articles on a number of WebComics, so far

and I'm sure that I've missed more. I've read some of the comics in the past like some stuff by Benji Nate, and of cause I made FuckDad/OwlMan Comic, so I already know most things about it, but what is going to be annoying is reading some of the _bad_ comics.

I'm not going to name any of the bad ones, but I'll just say that some (only about two) of the comics listed are kind of... bad...

I might work on the Cappy Comics first as they are quite good, and I won't feel so bad.

27th of June 2018 @ 11:30

Last night I was working hard on writing about three newsletters, that being The JakeOnline Weekly Newsletter, The Hot Garbage Newsletter, and OwlMail.

Today I was working on the sidebar page, plus I fully completed the logo for The Blagger's Guide, as seen below this text. I think it looks really cool, much better than what I was expecting. The logo is made up of Penelope and the OwlMan favicon.

I'm still unsure to what the URL for The Blagger's Guide should be, I was thinking it should be, but the thing is that The Blagger's Guide is not a wiki as, to quote Wikipedia;

A wiki (/ˈwɪki/ (About this sound listen) WIK-ee) is a website on which users collaboratively modify content and structure directly from the web browser. In a typical wiki, text is written using a simplified markup language and often edited with the help of a rich-text editor.

So I'm really not sure, I might make the URL something like /blagger/, /tbg/, /tbgttcon/.


I. The red pin is from [Internet Archive]

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