The Hot Garbage Newsletter

Also see OwlMail, a newsletter that Jake was inspired by.

After JakeOnline's first newsletter faded away, Jake made a second newsletter entitled as The Hot Garbage Newsletter. Unlike his first newsletter, there would only be one issue from this newsletter.

In the only issue from the newsletter, Jake talks about such subjects as VidLii, the Cunt Yolk song "The Crazy Cunt (ft. Clive Python)", along with calling the newsletter "the second worst newsletter ever, first being OwlMail".

The newsletter was made as Jake "was looking at past archives of [his] site, trying to find [his] old newsletter. After an hour of searching through old web designs that [he] wished [he] kept, [Jake] found an archive. It turns out [Jake] want[s] a newsletter again".


I. The website URL, now down [Internet Archive]

II. The Hot Garbage Newsletter: First Edition (Now down) [Internet Archive]

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