META: People

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Have you made edits to Penny's Place? Do you want a article made on yourself? Do you think that an article should be written on someone?

If your answer to any of the questions was "yes", then you might like to write an article on yourself/subject. For more, see #tbg on the Hyperlink Discord for more (note that you do not need to be a member of Hyperlink to view this channel).


Articles on people can be quite a hard thing to do, as, while you want to show information relating to that person, you also don't want to harm their public image, that's why whenever a bio is made on a person it needs to be TRUE and HONEST, plus in a balanced light.

Because of this bios on people will be made very sparingly and only made for people who have made a big impact on Neocities, or for people who are okay with having an article written on them.

If you think that a bio is missing for a person, or you want to add a bio on yourself to be put on here, please contact us.


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