META: How To Write For Penny's Pages

Anyone can write or update an article on Penny's Pages, however, it is best to have the same writing style as each other, so that it does not look off-putting to readers. This page was made as a way to help, and inform people who wish to help this project.

The Basics

Penny's Pages is Not a Parody

Penny's Pages is not a parody website, Penny's Pages is more like Wikipedia then Uncyclopedia.

Be British

When writing an article, you should use British spelling, and use the British date system (eg 21st of May 1992, DO NOT write 21/05/1992, write the full date). If you do trip up here, don't worry, we all make mistakes.

Oxford Comma

You should use the Oxford comma while writing, this is when you put a comma just before the word "and".

Slang Words

Do NOT use any slang words, unless you are quoting someone.

Neutral Point of View

You MUST try and write in a neutral point of view, even if you really love or hate the subject at hand. With this, do not use first person words like "I", or "me".

Using Images

Using images in an article is quite fine, however, there are some rules to follow here. If the image you are using is protected under Copyright, try and make it smaller, for example, on the Banana Chan article, it uses a Copyrighted work of art, but we can use this image - even without the creator's knowledge -- as it would fall under Fair Use/Fair Dealing.

A good place to find images that you can use would be Wikimedia, or if you want to, you could always make your own images.

Making Your Own Images

If the article has no image to go along with it, you could take the time in making your own to go along with it. If you do, here are some rules to go along with it....

Keep in mind that your image will fall under the same license as Penny's Pages, meaning anyone would be able to use said image.


When you write an article, try and list your references, try and make at least three. If your reference is yourself, try and post proof.

Also, whenever you link a reference make you archive it! You should archive it so that members of the public can view it, if you can, archive it via The Internet Archive, if there are robots.txt blocking the Internet Archive, then use to archive it.

The code to link a page should look like this;

<a href=""></a> [<a href="">Internet Archive</a>, <a href=""></a>]

Public Information

You should only write about events that are known by the public.


Do not post the full name of the subject (unless they are okay with it), do not publish someone's sexuality (unless it it relevant to the subject, and even then be careful), do not post the IP of someone.

Try and use gender-neutral pronouns for people (they, them, their, etc).

Whenever you write about someone, try and only write about what their contributions to Neocities, only cover their outside work if it is relevant to their character.

You may write about yourself.

When you write about a person, make sure the URL starts with "people_".


Quoting something is okay, as long as you give credit for the quote, and that the quote does not take up most of the article. Quoting a Creative Commons project (like Wikipedia) is also okay, but make sure that the article is mostly written by yourself.

Everything Else

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