July 2018 Upload Issue

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On the 25th of July 2018, Neocities had an upload issue that effected a lot of users on the host. Users could not update items, or even save their website.

If a user tried to save their work, a pop up would appear by the save icon with a long and confusing error message.

This error lasted around from 13:00 UCT until around 21:00 UCT on the same day when the Neocities Twitter account would post this message;

We had an upload issue this morning related to a hard disk failure, but things should be recovering now. If you are still having issues saving changes, please let us know.

Despite this, very few members could update their website, they could make a new file via the browser dashboard, but not edit it.

The issue would be fixed one day later on the 26th at around 00:46 UCT.

Update: We fixed another issue that was preventing file saves for certain sites. Saving should be working again for all sites.

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I. The error in question

II. "We had an upload issue this morning related to a hard disk failure"

III. Update tweet

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