Webrings on Neocities

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A webring is a collection of related web sites which are interlinked in a circular structure, most webrings are related by a theme, however, most webrings on Neocities don't really have a theme to them apart from that the website is hosted on Neocities.

After The Network Neighborhood shut down a lot of webrings have sprung up in popularity on Neocities.

The Network Neighborhood


The Network Neighborhood is perhaps one of the most known webrings with a deep and long history lasting over ten years, a short summary of the webring is-

In 2007 Ken Doe and Brent Penrose made The Computer Clan, OpenBooks wanted to join, after they joined they started to dislike them, OpenBooks along with 98plus, Packard Bell, and candyShark made The Network Neighborhood.

The Network Neighborhood was going fine until people left, 98plus tried and failed to reboot the webring.

That's a really short and cut down version of what happened, if you want to have full context and more information, you should check out this article on them.

our space


Around the same time The Network Neighborhood were shitting themselves, a new webring was made, that being our space. Unlike The Network Neighborhood, the people who ran our space allowed a lot of people to join their webring.

Not much has come from the webring and its 35+ members apart from a few web banners.

The Vampire Club


From viewing a few websites on Neocities, you might be able to tell that some users like horror movies, because of this, someone made a webring called The Vampire Club, a ring that is "dedicated to the wonderfully evil creature of myth and legend (and pop culture) the vampire! Anyone can join, but it helps if you're a vampire fan!"

Linux Webring


There's really not much to say about this webring. It's for Linux.



Hyperlink is a mishmash of a webring, it is made up of sub-webrings that connect to other sub-webring websites. All of its sub-rings are: Coding, personal, blog, 90s, 2000s, reference, memes, technology, Linux, music, cyberpunk, art and Anime