Spam on Neocities

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PROTIP: If you do make an index for a spam website, remove all of the code that could be a risk to the viewer, if there is a link, remove the URL so it is like so; <a href=""></a>.

Along with this, please censor out the face of any people in a photo. You can achieve this by using the Crystalize effect found in Paint.NET.


There have been a number of spam websites made on Neocities over the years, this is in part due to that Neocities has no real true moderation apart from the owner, Kyle Drake.

Real Life Examples of Spam Websites on Neocities

Here on this page are local mirrors to that of spam websites found on Neocities, a lot of the links show content that some people may find to be not safe for work, and should not be viewed by an audience who feel like such content is unstable to view.

The website code for all of the example sites have been rewritten so that it is okay to visit, and harmless to view, also the links will just reload the webpage, while they would take the viewer to a bad website.

Please also note that some of the images have been changed so that they hide the identity of the person shown.

Please wait...

Mirror found here.

For an unknown reason, the title of this website was "Please wait...", by clicking on the "Continue" text it would have activated some Javascript, however, this has been removed on the Penny's pages version of the site.

From line 198 to 215, there was this code, all of the images links lead to what can be considered to be softcore pornography that shows a number of women flirting to the viewer, while they are in their bras, and pants (underpants).

<script type="text/javascript">
$("#example, body").vegas({
    delay: 3000,
    timer: false,
    shuffle: true,
    timer: true,
    transition: 'fade',
    transitionDuration: 2000,
    slides: [
 { src: '' },
 { src: '' },
 { src: '' },
 { src: '' },
 { src: '' },


Mirror found here.

my-sex-bitch is the somewhat funny name of yet another spam website, what the point of the website is yet to be found out. The website has zero links, and has no JS. The webpage still has style.css in the HTML index, however, the owner of the website had removed the CSS file.

The main website shows a stretched out image of a nude woman in a bathroom, with what is probably a dildo between her legs.

Nude Live!

Mirror found here.

Nude Live! is like most spam websites on Neocities, it has a plane white background, uses JS, and all of the images are hotlinked.


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