SpookyJay's WebsiteJam

The SpookyJay's WebsiteJam (also known as "HalloweenJam" and "FloppyJay HalloweenJam") could been seen as somewhat of a pilot for the unsuccessful WebJam. Just like WebJam, HalloweenJam was a site-making competition, but unlike WebJam it was successful - somewhat. In total only two people took part in the competition; OwlMan with The House and Up All Night with The Tapes.

To have joined the competition, you needed a "halloween oriented website" that needed to be made with a new Neocities account made in October or a WorldWildWeb account, you then needed to post the URL on the HalloweenJam profile so that people could vote on who they wanted to win.

In the end, OwlMan would take first place with 9 votes, while Up All Night would be second with only 2 points.


I. The WebsiteJam website
https://halloweenjam.neocities.org/ [Internet Archive, archive.is]