WorldWildWeb was a website that was first came into the known in October 2017 on the HalloweenJam website. The site was a webhost for people to use rather than Neocities, but saying that, the site did link Neocities and say on the Frequently Asked Questions part of the site that you should try "both webhosts and see which suits you".

Unlike Neocities you didn't need to become a supporter of the host to upload ZIP files and there were no filetype restrictions, along with this you could create unlimited websites.

Sometime around late October 2017 the website went offline. Sadly the website only had two archives made of it, the first being the landing page and the second being the FAQ page.

In February 2018, OwlMan posted this on his profile, asking about the webhost;

OwlMan: Anyone have any idea what happened/what was WorldWildWeb (

FloppyJay: I was the creator. I figured out a way to set up a server from an old, seemingly useless computer, set up port forwarding and built a very small 'anarchist's webhost' using php. It was named WorldWildWeb because I barely put any limitation on there as an advantage over neocities, besides a 30mb upload limit. The project was very hastily thrown together, essentially as a proof of concept. It needed a lot more work.

FloppyJay: I saw the Motorhead picture you uploaded iirc

OwlMan: So will it ever come back? Or is it now lost to time? Also Lemmy bless

FloppyJay: When I have an overage of freetime, it just might return.

The Fun Zone: I saw it disappeared too. I had intended on making a very small private website on it and just updating it from time to time. Floppyjay I think it would be fantastic if you brought it back, there was a magic to that service that Neocities just cannot replace

joppiesaus: Whoa! I missed this entirely! It seems pretty cool and awesome!(and also dangerous lol) awesome stuff


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