Website Profile

By default every website on Neocities should have a website profile page. You can access a profile URL by going to[your url], all website profile pages are in lower-case.

A user has the option to opt-out of having a website profile page/being able to have other user's post on their profile page, by going to[your url], and selecting the opt-out option. If a user ops-out of having a profile page, then[your url] will redirect to https://[your url]

A website profile page should show a number of things, such as a screencap of the latest update, people who follow you, and comments you post. A website profile will also show how many views, followers, updates, and tips a site has, along with what tags the site uses.

A User's Feed

A user's feed is updated whenever they make a change to their Neocities' website, this is seen most often with HTML files, but can been seen with other files types, such as with JPG, and GIF files. If a user has already updated their site in a 24-hour time span, the change they have made will be part of that last update.

Along with updates by the user, other members of Neocities can leave messages on update logs, along with just making a new post on a user's profile wall.

After a new member of Neocities joins, they will be unable to make any posts, and will not be able to reply to a post made by any other user. This was made to help fight spam on Neocities. Once a user is one week old, and has made at least two updates (on two separate days) then they may interact with other users.


II. ...can been seen with other files types, such as with JPG, and GIF files...

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