Roam (roam.lua)

Roam (roam.lua) is the name of a text adventure, written and coded by dotcomboom in June 2018. In the game you play as a person who visits a number of locations such as a forest, a desert, and a town.

The game was released into the Public Domain at the same time it was published online, a copy of the game can be found on dotcomboom's website, also, a local copy of it can be found here. To play the game you must need a Lua interpreter to play it, you also need to download oam.txt and rename it to roam.lua.

___ | _ \___ __ _ _ __ | / _ \/ _` | ' \ |_|_\___/\__,_|_|_|_| You are in region 1. You haven't been here before. It is a town area. Activity is bustling here. Your pockets seem to be empty at the moment. You have 0 coins on hand. Will you... Go [O]nward? [V]iew your map? [T]rade with the townsfolk?

If you are unable to play the game offline, or you do not want to deal with downloading and renaming, you can find an online version at the following URL:


I. one
[Internet Archive,]

II. two
[Internet Archive,]

III. three
[Internet Archive,]

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