OwlMan Comic

Also see FuckDad, a WebComic also made by OwlMan

The OwlMan Comic (stylised as "OWLMAN COMIC"), was a WebComic that ran from May of 2016 to December of 2017. As the title suggests, it was made by Neocities user OwlMan. The comic only had two returning characters: a blond man (James) and a man with black hair (Ken). The majority of the comic ran from 2016, with only two of fifteen comics being made in 2017. As of 2018 there have been new new comics made.

To quote OwlMan on why he made to comic in the first place;

One night when I was in Wales, I made a comic about God knows what. 99% of the comic is shit, but some of it to me is funny.

A link to the only mildly funny comic I have ever made.

The comic dealt with a small hand of subjects; most notability geek/nerd subculture such as computers, computer games, and cartoons.

For some reason, OwlMan got the year wrong on the dates, for example he wrote "26/05/26", and not "26/05/16" (OwlMan uses the DD/MM/YY format).



I. one
[Internet Archive, archive.is]

II. two
[Internet Archive, archive.is]

III. three
[Internet Archive, archive.is]

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