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Throughout most of the web-hosts life, Neocities has been the subject of journalism, a surprisingly a lot of this has not been done by amateur journalists, but has been done by large companies, like Wired, Vice, New York Times, and The Verge.

Neocities is recreating the garish, Web 1.0 creativity of GeoCities (1st/2nd of July 2013)

Very early report talking abut Neocities from American digital media and broadcasting company, Vice, who first reported on Neocities less than a month after the host went online. In the report by Meghan Neal, she talks about how "NeoCities aims to be something bigger than fuck-yeah-90s retro";

With 90s nostalgia at full throttle, it's no surprise to see the recent launch of NeoCities, a rebirth of the Dot Com-era web hosting platform Geocities, in all its flashy, neon, blinking, clip art-filled wonder.

But NeoCities aims to be something bigger than fuck-yeah-90s retro. According to its creator Kyle Drake, a software engineer and self-proclaimed "professional cyberpunk," the project is a way to recreate not only the aesthetic of the early personal websites, but also the original mission of Geocities: to give anyone with internet access a free place on the web.


The way Drake sees it, today's internet culture is one of consumption, not creation. Sure, websites are now interactive, dynamic, highly functional, user-friendly and hypersocial. But at what cost? The web has become homogenous, controlled, even monitored—a "sad, pathetic digital iron curtain."

So NeoCities is a platform to simplify creation. Users get 10 MB of free webpage hosting and a bare bones interface to build from, with just HTML and images. The goal is to be as uncensored, anonymous and open as possible. (Though uncensored may be a pipe dream; already the domain has been seized.)

In its first week, 1,600 sites were created—some straight 90s throwback, some delightfully random, some just ugly as hell.

NeoCities Wants to Save Us From the Crushing Boredom of Social Networking (7th of July 2013)

Nick Stockton of Wired writes


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