The NeoMail mailing list is an unofficial mailing list for members of Neocities that was first set-up in 2016 by MelonKing, and Stranger Kawaii so that you "can get news about all your webwizardly pals". At first the mailing list went well, but as time went on, the mailing list started to slow down until it would only come out months apart.

In March of 2018, with the connect of MelonKing, OwlMan uploaded all of the past chat logs for NeoMail that had not yet been made public ever before. In this archive, he gives a quick run-down of some context of the post along with some other information to go along with the pages.

Some Noticeable Posts

NeoMail Issue #2: In this issue, MelonKing talks about how Stranger Kawaii has "has dropped off the face of the planet", and has removed their website, the rest of the chain mail is about how to archive websites.

NeoMail - February Issue: MelonKing talks about how he is "working on a lil guide site that has some tutorials and useful links for web masters and new neocities users" - it would seem that this would turn out to be Daniel's Network.

NeoMail Summer #4 - Web 1.0 Awards?: A short time after this was made, WebJam was made.

[neocities mailings] you're cordially invited to the 'our space' webring: Post made pre-dating the rise of the our space webring.

NeoMail -- Neocities defaulting to https: On New Years day 2017, all Neocitie websites would be defaulting to SSL, this means that websites would no longer be HTTP but HTTPS. As a result of this, JeremyRedhead wrote a guide for people on what to do once their site was HTTPS. Published on the 8th of January 2017, the E-Mail is now mostly outdated by sometime.

NeoMail as of 2018

So far there has only been one NeoMail issue in 2018, NeoMail 2018!, the reason why NeoMail might have slowed down may be because of the The unofficial Neocities' Discord. While on Discord you can post something and get a reply in seconds, when you're using E-Mail it could take hours for someone to reply - if someone even replies at all that is.

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