Neocities Talk

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Google Groups is a website that has a large back catalogue of Usenet newsgroups that was started in 1995 when it was owned by The Deja News Research Service. This archive was acquired by Google in 2001, and would be later renamed as "Google Groups". The Google Groups archive of Usenet newsgroup dates as far back as 1981.

Along with being an Usenet archive, Google Groups also has its own system that is quite similar to that of a forum, in which users can connect with one another, and talk about a specific topic or theme.

The Neocities Talk is one such "forum" that was started on the 25th of August 2016 by dotcomboom, however, the first post was made on the 31st May 2018, just under two years apart.

In the fist post made on the 31st of May is by dotcomboom who talks about