#neocities (IRC)

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IRC, or Internet Relay Chat, is a chat system located on the Internet. IRC allows people from anywhere in the world to talk to one another, on IRC you may also have a private chat system where you may directly message someone.

The Neocities Internet Relay Chat is a chatroom just for Neocities. By going on the IRC, you may be able to talk to a number of people, including Kyle Drake (who is known as "kyledrake"), however, the IRC can be empty a lot of the time, barley getting over six users at one time. This is probably due to how many people use The unofficial Neocities' Discord, and that IRC as a whole is dropping in numbers.

The server for the IRC is located on Freenode (formerly known as Open Projects Network).

On the 11th of June 2018, Kyle Drake was asked about what he thinks about The unofficial Neocities' Discord server by its owner, jackomix (Rocketmix);

[04:16] <jackomix> hey kyledrake do you know about the unoffical discord server?


[04:16] <kyledrake> Nope and I'll probably never use it, because it will just be endless drama 100% of the time.
[04:16] <dotcomboom> it is
[04:16] <dotcomboom> you are very correct, kyle
[04:16] <isvinc3s> sums it up about right
[04:17] <mariteaux> yeah shit dead on
[04:17] <dotcomboom> the discord server is very much so
[04:17] <mariteaux> i left it today because it was just arguing
[04:17] <jackomix> well i mean
[04:17] <kyledrake> How am I doing so far
[04:17] <mariteaux> yes i spurred a lot of it on shush
[04:17] <isvinc3s> doing great!
[04:17] <mariteaux> kyledrake good, good
[04:17] <dotcomboom> grand
[04:17] <JakeOnline> I left the Neocities Discord server months ago, and I'm really happy I did so.
[04:17] <jackomix> do you ever plan on making this irc server offical?
[04:17] <isvinc3s> discord as a whole is pretty bad
[04:18] <JakeOnline> tru
[04:18] <kyledrake> Nope. See above comment about discord

You can connect to the IRC by using an IRC service such as freenode, or if you have an IRC client, you can access the chatroom by clicking this link.