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The Neocities Blog is the name of the official blog on Neocities that is ran by site owner, Kyle Drake. The blog has been going from that of May 2013, with the first entity Making the Web Fun Again, where Drake spoke about the death of Geocities; he describable the web in modern 2013 as "a sad, pathetic, consumption-oriented digital iron curtain", and blames Yahoo! for removing the "ability for people (both old and new to the web) to easily create web sites, and be in complete control of the content and presentation they provide to their audience" after they closed down Geocities in October of 2009.

Some noticeable posts on the blog are We're switching to default SSL, where Kyle talks about how using the Hypertext Transfer Protocol (HTTP) is not as safe as using HTTPS, and that how all websites on Neocities would switch to HTTPS. Another noticeable article is when the Neocities CLI was first put in place in May 2017.

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