March 2019 Site Login Issues

On the 25th of March 2019, a large number of users on Neocities were unable to edit their websites. When a user was logged on, if they attempted to edit their site, or change their website settings, then they would be logged out, and redirected back to the Neocities' landing page with a message that read "Could not find your web site, please contact support.", along with this, the majority of preview images for websites were broken.

Because of this, it meant the user's effected were unable to edit, change, or do anything else to their website. Despite of this, the user's subdomain websites themselves were still fully accessible, and people where still able to make posts on their profiles.

What caused this site error is not fully known, as archives of the uptime taken during the issues show that both the front site, and the subdomains had an uptime of 100%. As of April 2019, no-one working at Neocities has said why this happened.

I. Archive of the uptime

II. Archive of the browse page

III. Web-Site-Ring talking about the site issues

IV. Screencaps of the event

V. Site is not loading previews

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