GifyPet are cyber pets Neocities users (and others with personal websites) can put on their site to entertain guests. While making a Gifypet you are given the option of seven default pets (Cactus, Cat, Dog, Flower, Frog or Robot) as well as custom, where you put the URL of a small image to represent your pet. You also choose the background image as well as the colours of the text.

GifyPets are interactive and can be fed and played with. Every action causes happiness which raises the points. The more points you have the better things you can buy including food for your pet, a shower and a party. The points reset when you refresh the tab.

The background music for the GifyPet's website is a rendition of Huey Lewis and the News' song "The Power Of Love", that was featured in the iconic movie Back to the Future in 1985.


v0.2xMAS Hat edition!! - 11th of December 2018

As it was Christmas, MelonKing added Father Christmas hats, so that it would look as if the pets were wearing hats. This has since been removed, however, if you review line 249 in the GifyPet code, than you will see that the PNG file is still on the GifyPet's website;

<div id="pet" class="pet" ><div id="petName-tag"></div><!-- <img id="petHat" src="ui/santa_hat.png" /> --></div>

v0.2 Tweaks! (current version) - 2nd of August 2017

MelonKing changed and updated a number of things, including fixing the sticky navigation issue on the main page, fixed and improved rain mechanic, made edits to the audio tracks, and added new sayings.

Lets Go v0.1 - 15th of December 2016

First public version of GifyPets. MelonKing added some audio tracks and features.


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