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GeoCities is the name of a soon-to-be defunct web hosting service, that was first founded in November 1994 by David Bohnett, and John Rezner, and was first known as Beverly Hills Internet (BHI) for a short time, until it was renamed to "GeoCities". On the 28th of January 1999, Geocities was acquired by Yahoo!; at that time it was the third-most visited website on the World Wide Web. The "cities" were named after real cities or regions according to their content-for example, computer-related sites were placed in "SiliconValley" and those dealing with entertainment were assigned to "Hollywood"-hence the name of the site. Shortly after its acquisition by Yahoo!, this practice was abandoned in favour of using the Yahoo! member names in the URLs.

In April of 2009, approximately ten years after Yahoo! bought GeoCities, the company announced that it would be shutting down the service in the USA in October 2009. At the time there were at least 38 million user-built pages on GeoCities before it was shut down. In October 2018, Yahoo! announced that it would be closing GeoCities in Japan at the end of March 2019.

 (o//o)|  \-._         .-"-.                                              
 .~.'~ |  |    )`-----'     \._     GEOCITIES MUST BE PRESERVED           
(").'/.|  |          (      /-.\     BECAUSE EVERYTHING THERE IS          
 (_/-' \_/    |       \    |   \\     SO INCREDIBLY AWESOME               
        \ /  /   ____.-\  /     ))                                        
        /\| /_.-'      \\ \    ((                                         
       // ||            \\ \    \|                                        
       \\ ||'           // \\        AS IN MOST OF US HAVEN'T HAPPENED    
       (/ ||          _//   \\        ACROSS A GEOCITIES SITE IN YEARS    
       " (_/         (_/   (_/MJP      AND HAD ALREADY ASSUMED IT WAS GONE
         "           "     "                                              


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