FuckDad (a parody of the name "Fox Dad") is the given name to a collection of bizarre, random, and very queer WebComics made by Neocities user, OwlMan that can be found on his website.

The WebComic uses assets, and artwork from a number of online comics, such as Sonichu, OwlTurd, Cyanide & Happiness, and numerous amounts of comics found from /r/ComedyCemetery. Along with using other WebComics, FuckDad also uses assets like the Trollface, the Crazy Frog, Minions, and many more.

The comic takes the most ideas from Michael Young's Fox Dad, a WebComic that follows the life of a furry dad, a comic OwlMan himself made a review for in December 2017;

Fox Dad has no offensive or NSFW content in any comic and is quite family friendly - not that you would want to read it with any family members around - and because it's so family friendly I honestly can't really find anything wrong with it, it's just a fun little comic to read now and then.

The comic for me is a "so bad it's good" - as in, the majority of the jokes that are made are furry related (i.e. any of the pages) and I'm told that the jokes are using "Furspeech" - a language that shares ideas with l33t, mostly because only spastics use it - and even though the comic is made up of Furspeech puns, it's quite easy for a none-furry like myself to understand the jokes.


In the end, would I recommend Fox Dad to anyone? Well yeah, I guess I would, I'd recommend it to furries and people who want a quick read.

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