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Some people chose to make their E-Mail address public for other people to see, here are some ways you can format it.

Let's say that your E-Mail is "gtrix2@yahoo.com", but you don't want to get spam mail, some good ways to not get spam is make the address only readable by a human, so you might chooses to write your E-Mail as: "gtrix2 [at] yahoo dot com", "g t r i x 2 @ y a h o o . c o m", "gtrix2 //@// yahoo ///./// com", or any other way a bot might struggle to read.


Displaying your address in plain text is okay, but using the URI scheme can also be a benefit to some people, so that rather than copying your address entering it into an email client by hand, a person can just click the address and have it open in their client.

Some examples:

Using "mailto" within an HTML document to generate a link for sending email:

<a href="mailto:gtrix2@yahoo.com">Send me an email!</a>

What you see: Send me an email!

Of course, you could also use the tips at the top to stop spam bots from mailing you!