Downloading Your Website

Any member of Neocities is able to download a copy of their own website in the form of a .ZIP file. Once the ZIP file is downloaded, the viewer will see that all of their site's content will have been mirrored in the folder, however, the ZIP archive will not of archived any hidden directories.

A user may download their own website by going to their dashboard, and selecting "Download entire site", once this is done, it may take sometime for their site to download, depending on how much space the website is using. Another way of downloading your own website is going to[your website name].zip.

Despite of the direct link, a person is unable to download another person's website if they are not logged in as that user, for example, if a user tried to download the website of OwlMan by going to, they would instead just download their own website. Along with this, if a user who is logged off followed the same URL, they would just be redirected to the Neocities' landing page.

If a user follows a link for a website that is not real (for example "[fake website name].zip", then it will still redirect them to a copy of their own ZIP archive.


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