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Since this article was last updated in September 2018, there have seen a number of new servers made. They should be added. A list of all known servers can be found here.


Discord is a freeware VoIP application that in 2015 was designed for gaming communities. Discord can run on a number of platforms, such as Windows, macOS, GNU/Linux, and in web browsers as well as Android and iOS. As of December 2017, there were about 87 million unique users of the software.

Unlike a lot of VoIPs such as Skype, TeamSpeak, Ventrilo and Mumble, Discord is free and easy to set up and quick to understand to a new user, because of this - and their unique branding - they have grown to become very popular online, including on Neocities.

A number of public Discord servers for Neocities have been made during the years.

The unofficial Neocities' Discord

The unofficial Neocities' Discord is perhaps one of the most well-known Discord servers on Neocities. It was first set-up by Rocketmix on the 31st of July 2016 and since then it has grown to have 170+ members.

The server has two moderators, of which one is mostly inactive, and a large amount of text channels regarding different topics.

The server can be joined by following this URL: https://discord.gg/GpnED8V

The People's Republic of OwlMania™ Discord Server

The OwlMania Discord Server was set-up by OwlMan in 2017 as a way for people to make fun of him. The server has 20+ people on it. The server is home of Cunt Yolk, MS Life, and gay pr0n.

Server URL: https://discord.gg/jJWUXfB
The server also has its own website: https://owlman.neocities.org/odds/discord/

Jake's Discord Server (dead)

The Jake's Discord Server was set-up by JakeOnline for people to talk to him. Unlike most Neocities Discord servers, Jake's server had also been made for people on Vidlii

Server URL: https://discord.gg/NCEbyX5 (dead link)
The server also has a website: https://jakeonline.neocities.org/discord.html (dead link)

nocities (dead)

If The unofficial Neocities' Discord is Reddit, then the nocities's Discord server is 4chan, full of people who are pissed off for silly reasons.

Around the 13th of May 2018, RocketMix invited an auto-mod bot that he made called boopie. Among other things the bot would do was remove invite links to other Discord servers, a small number of people did not like this and so yoshi295295 decided to make a new server at 17:41:43 GMT+0000 (UTC) just called nocities, soon after Mariteaux (an adult, remember that), became the owner of the server.

Here is a transcript about the new server in The unofficial Neocities' Discord;

[23:48] OwlMan: lol, drama
[23:48] Mariteaux: it's not drama
[23:48] Mariteaux: we have concerns, and if you wanna laugh and feel smug on the sidelines, feel free to do so
[23:48] Mariteaux: we don't wanna be a part of this server anymore
[23:48] OwlMan: lol
[23:48] Mariteaux: we want someone to listen to us
[23:48] Mariteaux: so
[23:48] rocketmix: why'd you join for the 4th time
[23:49] Mariteaux: simple as that
[23:49] OwlMan: He's 13, calm down
[23:49] Mariteaux: @OwlMan that much is obvious
[23:49] rocketmix: are you owl man /s
[23:49] OwlMan: You called a 13-year-old a "fucking cuck", that would be like if I called JakeOnline a cunt
[23:49] Mariteaux: i dunno, is jakeonline a cunt?
[23:49] Mariteaux: never talked to him

And here is a transcript that took place on the same day;

[23:41] hosma: so all the fuss is over some bot as i understand?
[23:41] Mariteaux: no
[23:41] Mariteaux: the fuss is over way more
[23:41] rocketmix: lpl
[23:41] hosma: what actually happened
[23:41] jcbug: It's a useless bot.
[23:41] hosma: "jack is incompetent" doesn't really answer anything
[23:41] rocketmix: boopie is my bot
[23:41] hosma: that thing that never does anything?
[23:41] Bobzilla: over multiple things but not listening to removing a bot cuz mari got muted for sending a discord lnk not removing channels that deserve to be there (site-help, site-feedback, and site-discussion)
[23:41] elementz: @hosma mari and some others are complaning how ignorant rocketmix is
[23:42] hosma: but why
[23:42] Mariteaux: @hosma as i explained previously, there've been a bunch of instances where multiple people have tried to get rocketmix to clean up useless bots, useless channels, useless roles, and all he's done is ignore his active users and make excuses
[23:42] Mariteaux: this isn't me vs rocketmix
[23:42] Mariteaux: other people have been with me as it happened
[23:42] Mariteaux: and they've been ignored too
[23:42] Mariteaux: so we left
[23:42] rocketmix: no only you mari
[23:42] jcbug: Dude.
[23:42] Mariteaux: if that's what you wanna believe
[23:42] jcbug: I exist.
[23:42] Mariteaux: but i have logs
[23:42] Mariteaux: and other fucking people in this room
[23:42] Mariteaux: and this is what i mean about you being thick
[23:42] rocketmix: people go with you yeah
[23:42] jcbug: Also three quarters of the people here.
[23:43] rocketmix: but you start it
[23:43] Mariteaux: @rocketmix and why's that?
[23:43] elementz: that are active*
[23:43] Mariteaux: is it because
[23:43] Mariteaux: i'm right?
[23:43] Mariteaux: i have a point?
[23:43] rocketmix: to you I guess
[23:43] Mariteaux: certainly not due to my charming personality or bubbly disposition
[23:43] Mariteaux: no, i think people agree with me
[23:43] Mariteaux: and you don't like that
[23:43] elementz: oof
[23:43] Mariteaux: so you choose to ignore that
[23:45] Mariteaux: i wouldn't
[23:45] rocketmix: I would
[23:45] Mariteaux: cool story
[23:45] Mariteaux: so which is it
[23:45] elementz: @rocketmix do u agree to my statement
[23:45] elementz: ?
[23:46] Mariteaux: are you here to fix shit or are you here to argue
[23:46] Mariteaux: if it's the latter, you can fuck off out of our server, we're done with you
[23:46] jcbug: @rocketmix Please be here to fix shit.
[23:46] rocketmix: one of your friends posted a link to a reddit post of a bot that got hacked and deleted message
[23:46] Mariteaux: i don't care
[23:46] elementz: so?
[23:46] Mariteaux: that's not an answer
[23:46] rocketmix: Nd people were mad
[23:46] Mariteaux: are you here to fix shit or are you gonna argue more
[23:46] OwlMan: So, who's the better band; Judas Priest or Saxon? I think Saxon as they have more of a up beat way of singing, but they also cover issues such as death and war. But saying that, Judas Priest are pretty good too, for one Rob can really fucking hold a note, like Jesus Christ is is epic. At the end of the day, I like both bands, but I like Saxon just a little bit more.
[23:46] rocketmix: so lmao
[23:46] jcbug: @OwlMan No idea who they are.
[23:46] Mariteaux: @rocketmix so the latter then?
[23:46] hosma: saxon by far
[23:47] rocketmix: ?
[23:47] elementz: @OwlMan i like how u just switch the topic to something else
[23:47] Mariteaux: are you here to fix shit or are you gonna argue more
[23:47] Mariteaux: i've asked this three times now
[23:47] Mariteaux: keep up
[23:47] rocketmix: argue more I guess
[23:47] Mariteaux: then fuck off
[23:47] Mariteaux: we don't want you
[23:47] elementz: ok wait hold up
[23:47] rocketmix: it's just a server
[23:47] jcbug: Dude.
[23:47] elementz: 🍿
[23:47] jcbug: We don't wanna argue anymore.
[23:47] jcbug: @rocketmix
[23:47] Mariteaux: @rocketmix i said fuck off if you just wanna argue
[23:47] Mariteaux: i'm not equivocating
[23:47] rocketmix: alrighty
[23:48] rocketmix: no big boy words btw
[23:48] elementz: >big boy words
[23:48] jcbug: 😂
[23:48] jcbug: 🔥 SICK ROAST LMAO 🔥
[23:49] elementz: holy moly its raining hard
[23:49] hosma: raining blood
[23:49] hosma: from the lacerated sky
[23:49] elementz: yea
[23:49] rocketmix: no my clothes
[23:49] elementz: oh yea hosma are u staying or what
[23:49] hosma: idk
[23:49] Mariteaux: be gone
[23:49] jcbug: THOT
[23:49] hosma: i'm just here to see what's going on
[23:49] elementz: oh
[23:51] jcbug: He gone.
[23:52] Mariteaux: like i'm sick of fucking fighting
[23:52] OwlMan: sweet
[23:52] Mariteaux: there's no drama here
[23:52] jcbug: Samer.
[23:52] Mariteaux: i wanna write a damn page on my site and go to bed
[23:53] jcbug: @OwlMan You can same here my man, just no drama, okay?
[23:53] OwlMan: All I want to talk about is metal and Doom TBF
[23:53] jcbug: Sounds good.


The server's URL used to be https://discord.gg/7nwbX25

The b1tchduck Discord Server (dead)

Sometime in 2016, now-ex-Neocities user b1tchduck made a Discord server, not much is known about it apart from that some now-ex-Network Neighborhood members used it, apart from that the server is now lost in time.

The URL for the server used to be https://discord.gg/5e2BhED

CyberLounge (dead)

From around July 2016 to December the same year, the Network Neighborhood had its own Discord server where people could join and "discuss web development, video gaming, technology, pogs, whatever you feel like", just like the b1tchduck server, this server is now offline and has been lost to time.

CyberLounge was also the name of an IRC that was ran by the NN, however it was "phased out due to inactivity" and was replaced by the Discord server.

The URL for the server was https://discordapp.com/invite/011eANqhGsUKGqOCc


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