Cat Pr0n

The Neocities "Cat Pr0n" drawing refers to a pornographic drawing OwlMan made that shows Penelope, Neocities' mascot, in an erotic situation.

In the drawing, it shows Penelope standing up, with an erect penis (despite being a female cat), while she is next to a computer that shows the dashboard of Kratzen.

The Competition

So far the uncensored version has not been released by OwlMan, however, he decided than rather publishing the art, he would set up a competition for people to find it. So far no-one has found the uncensored photo.

OwlMan has given out five clues to where you can find the photo;

1. You will need to look back in the past, to find the shitty photos, that suck ass
2. This has nothing to do with anything at all, do not fall for my trap
3. You are looking for something colourful
4. .com
5. It's not on /14jammar/

Along with the five clues, OwlMan said that if 50 people liked the post he made that says "Like this post if you love minions", he would then link to the photo.

Public Photos

So far there have been a number of photo relating to the pr0n made public by OwlMan, all of the photos can be found on at

Along with the photos there exists the HTML file, clue.html that show all the clues.

By going to /odds/cat/ you will also be able to find /odds/cat/edit/ that, among other things, shows this photo that uses a version of the censored cat pr0n. The photo was used on OwlMail No. IX.

Kyle Drake Finds Out

It would seem that Kyle Drake was first made aware of the drawing on the Neocities IRC on the 11th of June 2018 by Neocities' user jackomix (Who runs The unofficial Neocities' Discord Server).

[07:10] <jackomix> did you know there's porn of your drawn cat?
[07:10] <mariteaux> :eyes:
[07:10] <jackomix> and we users of neocities are working hard...
[07:10] <isvinc3s> Oh yeah
[07:10] <jackomix> to find an uncensored version of it
[07:10] <isvinc3s> kyle please ask owlman to hand over the cat pr0n
[07:10] <JakeOnline> oh yeah kyle, ban owlman
[07:10] <isvinc3s> NO
[07:10] <isvinc3s> not before the drawing
[07:10] <JakeOnline> owo
[07:10] <kyledrake> I mean if you guys are just going to show me cat porn, I'm probably going to file you in the "ignore" cabinet here.
[07:10] <mariteaux> this is why kyle doesn't talk to us
[07:11] <dotcomboom> ^
[07:11] <JakeOnline> ^
[07:11] <jackomix> v
[07:11] <dotcomboom> ^
[07:11] <jackomix> >
[07:11] <dotcomboom> <
[07:11] <mariteaux> i dunno, any cool site updates coming? things have seemed dead for almost a year now
[07:11] <jackomix> \|
[07:11] <isvinc3s> owlman drew some epic cat porn in and he's keeping it from us
[07:11] <isvinc3s> has us guess where it is on his site

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