About Me Page

A lot of sites are run by people who want to put themselves out online for people to see, because of this, some people like to have an "About me" page on their website. There really isn't a "right" or "wrong" way of writing an about me page, the only thing you should really consider is if people will want to read it and if it's too personal.

While started that there is no real wrong way of writing an about me page, why not add a drawing of yourself? Why not talk about your favourite band? Why not talk about some websites you like and why?

A good way of getting to grips with making an about me page is browsing some random websites and seeing what other people have to say about themselves.

An about me page is also a great place to link your website's banner and some of your social media/E-Mail.

Making an about me page can also be a starting point for other website owners on Neocities to interact with you - and hey, you might even make some new E-Friends!

Some Real Examples

Here are some real examples of about me pages from around Neocities...

About bug hell
About Gwta
About Aidam
Viola's about me page
Strata's about me page