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Perhaps this is one of the most famous error codes that is seen on the Web. the 404: Page Not Found message means that the website's server could be contacted, but the file you were looking for could not be found.

On Neocities, all default websites have a 404 page, if you have not removed the page, you can access, and edit it by going to the not_found.html file that is located on your Dashboard page.

If you don't edit your 404 page then it will stay as the default page, as seen on all new Neocities' websites.

Before 2016, it could take some time before the updated 404 would show once you made an edit to it, however, since then it has been changed so that they update once you save the page in the editor, or once you upload the new page.

Making a 404 Page

Making an edit to your 404 page can be quite easy, all you need to do is go to your dashboard and press the edit button on the file, or you could just edit it on your computer, and upload it to Neocities.

I. 404 Error Page Question
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