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This is nothing like the final product, the tl;dr is that SexyGirlMax2019 was a bot on Tumblr, but unlike most bots that post pr0n, this one posted weird links and the such. I didn't have the time to go down the rabbit hole that is SexyGirlMax2019.

The bot has a subreddit where people try and find out what the bot is all about: also checkout the Discord server

I first found out about this bot thanks to bugland on Neocities, who PMed me one day with this;

[11:07] bugland: In any case, have you seen the potential arg people are hosting partially on neocities that's all over twitter and tumblr? You seem like you'd be vaguely interested.

[11:09] bugland: I'll link you this just in case, i guess. Sorry for repeating others if you already know though!

[23:51] OwlMan: That looks interesting, that's the first time that I've heard about this ARG. I'll be keeping my eyes on it.



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