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Doom is a violent first-person shooter computer game developed by id Software in 1993. The game centres around killing demons and zombies, all while a heavy metal soundtrack plays in the background. Doom was one of the most successful computer games of the 1990's, selling millions of copies, and even today the game still has a large following online that still make new mods for the game.

Doom became notorious among religious groups and soccer moms for its levels of graphic violence, and satanic imagery, which at the time generated controversy from a broad range of people who had nothing better to do.

How to Run Doom

Getting to run Doom on any computer is super easy, first you will need to get a copy of the Doom I and II IWAD, finding an IWAD from the Web is easy nowadays, you can find a copy of The Ultimate Doom and Doom II with just a basic search on your search engine of choice.

You can find a legal copy of Doom I/II via the links below this text...

The Ultimate Doom
On Steam:

Doom II
On Steam:

Also see

...Of cause, you can always find a warez copy of an IWAD in ten seconds flat, but keep in mind that some links containing warez may harm your computer (but saying that, it's very unlikely that any .WAD file will harm anything, it's more of a thing to watch out for EXE files).

Of cause, as there's a way to legal buy Doom, getting a warez copy of it would, as Judas Priest would say, be "breaking the law". However, keep in mind that if you do buy a legal copy of the game, no one who worked on it will get a penny, instead the money will go to Bethesda/Zenimax.

Along with this, John Carmack said in April 2014;

I could never be too outraged about piracy -- I owe @RichardGarriott and @BillB for some 8 bit Apple games from my youth. [...] Every once in a while, someone gives me $20 for the games they pirated in their youth.

So if one of the head devs is okay with warez copies of his game, is is morally wrong to prate Doom?

If you aren't okay with prating the game, then you can always use Freedoom, a compatible free replacement for both Doom IWADs.

Finding a Source Port

After you get your hands on both of the IWADs you will need to find a source port for Doom. If you're on Windows it's not hard to find a port that works for you. A source port for people new to Doom would be QZDoom due to its simple setup, but if you want something else you can always use the DoomWiki to find out what port is best for you.

Screencap of Captain_Hawkes's mod "Monastery of Apostasy"

Doom on Neocities

Even after 20 plus years Doom is still being played and modded on, some of the places you can find Doom mods is on Neocities.


Around September 2015, Captain_Hawkes released two of his own Doom maps; Monastery of Apostasy and Carcass Causeway. Both of the WADs play under Doom II. Out of both of the maps, Monastery of Apostasy is perhaps the easiest to beat, as in total there are four archviles in Carcass Causeway, while in the latter there are none.


BoomHor.wad: This is a queer mod to behold