Hello there, everyone!
For the past month, myself and the rest of NeoZones have been working on relaunching The Penny's Pages Wiki. At first, it was a simple thing of updating the layout of this website so that it looks better, but that was given up on fairly quickly as we decided that rather than handing the password out to people and have the risk of having content removed without us knowing, people not crediting themselves, not stating that they made an update, and other issues, we would instead make a new wiki, a wiki that runs under MediaWiki, so that more people may edit it and help it grow.

One of the downsides to this is that the new wiki will not be hosted on Neocities, but rather Pizza Squeeze kindly agreed to host the wiki on their own domain. The old wiki will still stay online, with non of the content being removed.

So, today I wish to show-off what we have been working on. I want to show you the new and improved Penny's Pages Wiki!

I would like to thank every single person who has helped make an edit to the old wiki (even if it was small), gave me entrenchment, and even told me what was wrong with the old wiki. I would also like to thank Kyle Drake for making such a simple but great webhost, so thank you, Kyle!

- Owly, 2020-04-13